Train of Morrow: Selected LuCxeed Poems
Nature’s serenity and Society’s anxiety are the muse of poet LuCxeed who more than often travels back and forth, between nature and society, dedicating life and passion to creativity and poetry. Some LuCxeed poems are inspired by true events, by true stories, and some with biting humour.

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A glassblower at Roberto Beltrami’s workshop, which is trying to compensate for gas-bill increases by raising prices by 15% to 35%.
Murano island, Venice: glass-worker heats a glass artistic creation in a methane powered oven


Italy’s artisan glassblowers feel heat as gas prices soar
Surging energy prices are posing problems for the artisan glassblowers of Italy’s Murano. They have seen off plagues and pandemics and changed their business model to outrun low-priced competition from Asia. But now methane prices are shattering their read more


Sea turns red with blood as 1,428 dolphins killed in ‘largest ever’ Faroe Islands hunt
1,428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were slaughtered in the bay of Skálabotnur on Sunday. Shocking pictures have emerged of scores of hookfin porpoises washed up on the shores of the self-governing Danish archipelago, many of read more

Boyan Slat, CEO of The Ocean Cleanup


A Dutch Teenager Had a Dream to Clean Up the World’s Oceans. 7 Years On, It’s Coming True
For someone who gets violently seasick, Boyan Slat spends a lot of time thinking about the ocean. The Dutch inventor has designed the world’s first ocean plastic cleanup system but admits he won’t be on the ship with it when it launches out of San Francisco on Saturday. read more