Barrel-chested Lucas Helmke, 33, from Brisbane, Australia, has pushed his strength and stamina to their limits to break the most push ups in one hour world record. Lucas performed 3,206 push ups within one hour – that’s an average of over 53 per minute. The previous record of 3,182 was set by another Aussie, Daniel Scali, in April 2022. Lucas trained for two to three years to break this record. He slightly exceeded this target, achieving an average rate of 26.7 push ups every 30 seconds.

An accountant by trade, the 33-year-old father told Guinness World Records he wanted to “provide inspiration” for his one-year-old son by showing him “nothing is impossible.” Each push up had to be flawless to meet the standards required for an official world record. Helmke was required to keep his body straight on his way up, without bending his knees and waist, while reaching at least a 90-degree angle at the elbow when he lowered himself.

Given the competition, it is not clear how long his record will stand. Local media in Florida in March reported that American man Rob Stirling, 60, had managed 3,264 push ups late last month – but that claim is yet to be recognized by Guiness.

Florida man, 60, does 3,264 pushups in 1 hour to break world record
Rob Stirling said he decided to take on the Guinness World Record for most pushups in 1 hour (male) after learning that Australian Daniel Scali set the total at 3,182 in April 2022.


Image courtesy Guinness World Records

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