A sheep farmer stuck in lockdown in New South Wales who was unable to attend his aunt’s funeral has honoured her memory with the ultimate tribute: a love heart made from sheep.
Ben Jackson from Guyra couldn’t make it to Brisbane to be with his aunt during her final moments after a two-year fight with cancer that began at the start of the pandemic. “Unfortunately, she didn’t make it,” Jackson said. “At those times of grief, you feel really helpless, you don’t know what to do, what to say.

Then, while out feeding his pregnant sheep some extra food, an idea came to him. He’d seen before that if he drew shapes in the land, the sheep would gather.

Jackson said he first started making his sheep art during a previous drought when he fed his sheep from the back of his flatbed truck every single day. He soon learned he could draw shapes in the landscape and that the sheep would gather. “And they haven’t forgotten yet,” he said.

“It was very lovely to have it as part of a sendoff. It was certainly something that she would have loved and absolutely cherished.”


Image courtesy Twitter / @guyrajack

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