Your Phone’s Location Data Is Worth $12 Billion
Interconnected firms are monetizing user data and analytics from ‘1.9 billion devices’.

Wherever you go, you might make money.
But for someone else.
Some companies that shy away from the spotlight are paying top dollar for privileged access to the location history stored read more


Japan’s COVID-19 deaths drop 5% amid state of emergency during Games
July 25 (UPI) — Japan is staging the Summer Olympics during a state of emergency and without spectators in the Tokyo metro area with coronavirus cases surging though its situation is nowhere nearly as dire with a much lower fatality rate than read more


San Francisco, along with Sebastapol in the North Bay, recorded an AQI of 186, the worst daily air quality of any other location in the past 25 days when the Bay Area has been impacted by smoke from record-breaking wildfires across the West Coast.

The Air Quality Index operates on a scale from 0 to 500. The higher the read more


POLLING AWAY – Brits want Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stripped of cash and kicked out of their Windsor home, poll reveals An exclusive YouGov poll for The Sun on Sunday reveals an overwhelming 46 per cent of support the idea of them “stepping back” from their duties and are in favour of a slimmed-down royal family.
But a similar number read more


The way hospitals respond to a cyberattack can result in a slower response to critical heart patients.
After an attack, corrective actions to improve security in hospital information technology systems may “disrupt care processes” and reduce the quality of care, according to a study published by researchers at Vanderbilt University and read more


Brazil has banned most legal fires used to clear land for 60 days in a bid to stop the spread of burning which has destroyed parts of the Amazon rain forest. The ban coincides with the dry season in Brazil, which is when most fires are usually set.

There has been more than an 80 per cent increase in the number of fires read more

Kansas City, Missouri
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Some cities just sound cold.
Despite their best attempts to promote their pleasant summer weather, Chicago and Buffalo, New York, for example, may be a couple of U.S. cities that first come to mind when the word cold is mentioned.

But do statistics back their shivering reputation? What really are America’s coldest major cities?

There are many ways read more


“Combatting illegal robocalls is our top consumer priority at the FCC,” Pai said in a statement last month.
In November alone, Americans received an estimated 5.1 billion scam calls from automated machines — more than any month on record.
Federal agencies are taking action, holding robocallers accountable and searching for new ways to regulate read more