Daffodils brightening up Sidmouth in tribute to millionaire
Yellow blooms are brightening up a Devon town thanks to the legacy of a man who left more than £2m to a community association.

Keith Owen, a Canadian investment banker, retired with the rank of Squadron Leader after 20 years of RAF service and set up home in Ottawa, Canada in 1976. In 2007 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007, and the millionaire decided to leave his life savings of £2.3m to a Sidmouth-based voluntary countryside conservation society, where he had planned to retire. sNow the 153,000 bulbs planted across the town are finally beginning to bloom.

Snowdrops, daffodils and crocus bulbs were amongst the 153,000 flowers worth £166,000 planted at over 50 sites. One walker in the area, Julie Hudson, said: “The daffodils are a beautiful golden light in the spring after a dark long winter. It’s about future hope and allowing new growth it puts a spring in your step.”

Why Is Daffodil March’s Birth Flower?
In the Northern Hemisphere, March signifies the onset of spring, and daffodils are the first perennial flowers to bloom after a long, cold winter. They’re known to poke their heads up through the snow and to signify that winter has ended and sunnier months are ahead.

As a spring flower and the first to bloom, daffodils are symbols of rebirth and hope. They signify new life and resilience as they are strong little survivors who have weathered the winter storms.

Daffodils’ cheerful bright yellow and white colours are a symbol of positivity. They are a happy flower that signifies joy, and an appreciation for being alive. Although these flowers come in other shades, their yellow and white colours are far better known.


Image courtesy SWNS

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