Every year, a wonderful event celebrating the beauty of nature and humanity’s connection with it takes place over a weekend in Scotland.
The European “Land Art” Festival and Stone Stacking Championships were held for the fifth time in Dunbar on the shores of Scotland. Organized originally as the “John Muir Stone Stacking Challenge,” taking the name of the famous Scottish-American naturalist who was born in Dunbar, the event was founded by local artist James Craig Page in 2016.

Then in 2022, after 5 successful years, albeit with 2020 off for obvious reasons, the festival’s stone stacking competition came under the umbrella of the European Land Art Festival, ELAF, and is now running for a full week each July. “We want to introduce it to as many people as we can, especially to children who despite the wealth of digital distractions can still readily enjoy getting back to what so many of us took for granted as children; playing freely in nature,”
“Many people struggle to calm their racing minds… this is where land art is such a powerful tool, as not only is it enjoyable but it’s the ultimate mindful practice. If you are stacking stones there’s no way to do this without focusing the mind completely.”

One of the competitors in the 2021 event builds an impressive tower with stones of rocks. Competitors of all abilities gathered for the annual European Stone Stacking Championships in an East Lothian seaside town.

ELAF Online Competition 2022


Image courtesy Laurence Winram Photography and Edinburgh News / Jeff J Mitchell

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