Natural materials such as raw soil, shredded straw, husk, and wood were used to build the “mud house”
Italian 3D printer manufacturer, Wasp, has 3D-printed the first eco-friendly house using earth sourced from the surrounding area. It was constructed in 10 days and the materials cost 900 Euro.

Its construction has been possible due to development of a new “infinity 3D printer”, the Crane Wasp, developed to print on an “architectural scale”. It uses an additive manufacturing technique that permits use of raw material found on location reducing transportation and material costs.

The “mud house” has been dubbed “Gaia” due to the use of raw soil as the main binder of the constituent mixture and the company intends for it to be a new eco-sustainable architectural model.

3D-printed home built in 24 hours
Unveiled this week in Austin, Texas, the 3D-printed house is made from mortar and took less than 24 hours to build.

How 3D-printed homes are built (unquote)

Image courtesy SmartCitiesWorld and Design Week

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