Last week, Google announced that it had formed an AI Ethics committee to assist with the direction of its intelligent technology. This week came an update that few expected – the panel has already been dissolved.
Google has claimed that the committee “can’t function” as it wanted. Although, many believe that the reason for the sudden collapse of the panel is due to the negative reaction from Google staff and the public to one of its key members.

Google has claimed that it will continue to research ethics in AI, though through alternative means.

Google disbanded its external AI ethics board on Thursday, only 10 days after it was formed to advise the Alphabet company about potential issues with AI models.
Amazon also got pushback this week on ethical grounds over use of its facial recognition software Rekognition. Amazon reportedly attempted to sell Rekognition to the Department of Homeland Security, and allowed it to be used in trials by police departments in Washington and Florida.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week rejected an Amazon petition to stop a vote by shareholders that could curb Rekognition use until an audit and civil rights review can take place. Shareholder protest over Rekognition dates back to last year.


Image courtesy venturebeat.com

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