NASA Wishes All a Happy Lunar New Year with Photo From the International Space Station
The Lunar New Year is upon us, and NASA shared one of the best photos to mark the moment. Of course, NASA’s Instagram picture of the New Moon is probably one of the best in existence. I mean, the space agency does have the best view in the house from the International Space Station. A fact that we can all clearly see from a January 31 Instagram post.

“Happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate,” NASA writes in the Monday evening Instagram post. NASA takes the message a little further by sharing some awesome lunar emojis – including one of a new moon. “Lunar New Year celebrations continue from the first new moon of the lunar calendar,” NASA adds in the message alongside the breathtaking post. The space agency went on to note that, this year, the big day lands on February 1. And, NASA adds in the message, the Lunar New Year celebration comes to an end on the 15th day of the Lunar Year during the Lantern Festival.

NASA Wishes Happy Lunar New Year With Fascinating Moon Images Taken Over Indian Ocean
NASA has shared a spectacular image of a crescent Moon that was captured from the International Space Station rising above the Indian Ocean. Pope Francis also took to Twitter for congratulating the Asians on the occasion. “I hope that in the New Year everyone may enjoy peace, health and a peaceful and secure life”, tweets Jet Li.


Image courtesy @NASA, @britishmuseum and orientalfanaticscelebs.blogspot.com

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