Meghan McCain leads US fury at Harry

Prince Harry told ‘get the hell out of US’ by furious Americans after he called First Amendment ‘bonkers’

‘Go back to England’: Prince Harry angers Americans after calling First Amendment ‘bonkers’

Prince Harry facing backlash after calling First Amendment of Constitution ‘bonkers’
“They are whining about how unfairly they are being treated while living in this multi-million dollar mansion.”
18 May, 2021
“North America is not the right landing place for these two. I’m in Canada and I think I support most people here when I say we don’t want them to live in our country. If Harry doesn’t support free speech, he is one hundred percent in the wrong location. I’m sure there is a country out there who would be delighted to have them on board. They should probably get on that now.”
“Harry is the very reason why our ancestors left England and fought to create a new and better country.”


Image courtesy GETTY / PA

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