‘A handshake is a handshake’: Friends split $22M Powerball jackpot, honoring years-old agreement
When Tom Cook and Joe Feeney agreed to split their future lottery winnings years ago, the friends didn’t think their handshake would mark a multimillion-dollar agreement.

The glowing mystery hole, about 155 feet below the water’s surface, is similar to the sinkholes seen on solid land, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

But last month, Cook checked the numbers for his June 10 Powerball ticket and discovered he had won $22 million. He didn’t hesitate.

Man splits $22 million jackpot win with friend, keeping nearly 30-year-old promise
Cook, who has grandchildren and great-grandchildren, retired from his job after winning, the press release stated. Feeney had already retired from the fire department.


Photo courtesy Wisconsin Lottery

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