The elephants pictured here come to the garbage dumping grounds in Ampara in search of food. Unfortunately, this causes them to fall ill and many have died.
Several of the winning submissions to the UK’s Royal Society of Biology photography competition highlighted the damaging impact humans have on wildlife and the environment. The winning photograph of the year is a stark reminder of how man is encroaching into the realm of the elephants. The image, taken by Tilaxan Tharmapalan in Sri Lanka, shows a herd of elephants rummaging for food on a garbage dump near a wildlife sanctuary. The primary threat to elephants in Sri Lanka the loss of forests for human settlement and agriculture.

A Coronavirus Vaccine Could Kill Half A Million Sharks, Conservationists Warn Shark Allies, a nonprofit that advocates for the protection of sharks, projects that some 500,000 sharks could be killed if a coronavirus vaccine with shark squalene proves to be effective. Already, an estimated 2.7 million sharks are killed annually for their squalene to make cosmetics, according to the group.


Image courtesy Tilaxan Tharmapalan and Reinhard Dirschel / Ullstein Bild via Getty Images

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