Iceland has trotted out a service that lets horses reply to work emails when you’re on vacation.
The world-first “OutHorse Your Email” service is designed to encourage travelers to take a break and have an uninterrupted trip to the countryside. Using a large keyboard mat, the gaited horses are able to walk, trot, canter, tölt, and pace their way across the keys. Tölting and pacing are a four-beat gait and a two-beat gait, respectively, unique to Icelandic horses that make riding very comfortable.

Unsurprisingly, when the horses use the cartoonish, outsized keyboard, the result is nonsense replies to corporate contacts, such as “þþnjifai=’.,,lmbmbnbbhgycdrgzw/’pfæ ndaiFVxhðut7r7r7djsmfdsm” and “þnjifai’/.p,oii9unnbhvggyvgjhbjm,kfæ,.iklp–jpomohu o/’k;,i,mumnf.”

A recent global study by Visit Iceland, the island country’s official tourist bureau, found that two-fifths (41 percent) of people globally check their work emails between one to four times a day while vacationing, and 1 in 10 (14 percent) view them between five to six times every day.

Jelena Ohm, project manager of Horses of Iceland said: “Our talented horses took naturally to the OutHorse Your Email service, tölting and galloping their way across the fields and creating a range of unique emails that will help holidaymakers enjoy their trip without any interruptions. From curiosity, intelligence and independence, our horses are special for many reasons, and so now we can add email responders too.”

The research by Visit Iceland revealed that three-fifths (59 percent) of people globally now feel as if their boss, colleagues and clients expect them to reply while on a break, while less than half (44 percent) of workers actually feel rested after a trip. A further 1 in 10 (15 percent) have even canceled or postponed their vacation plans altogether due to work. That’s why Iceland is “outhorsing” workers’ emails to its horses, asking them to trot out replies, so they don’t have to.

Visit Iceland added: “So, don’t be foal-ish, enjoy a distraction-free trip to Iceland and remember, if you do receive work emails while on holiday, Iceland’s horses have you covered.”

Iceland has trotted out a service that lets horses reply to work emails when you’re on vacation. The horses of Iceland are the original Viking horses and one of the purest horse breeds in the world. The breed has been isolated on the rugged island in the North-Atlantic since the settlement, or over 1000 years ago, without any genetic input from other breeds.
The Icelandic horse is an extremely versatile breed. These strong, intelligent and smooth horses are successful in endurance racing and very well suitable for therapeutic riding.

Icelandic horses can be found all over the world. Over 250,000 Icelandic horses are registered around the world, thereof approximately 40% in Iceland. They have amazing adaptation skills and do well in the ice-cold climates of Greenland and Alaska, but also down under in Australia and New Zealand. They can even be found in Hawaii.


Image courtesy Dean Murray / Zenger

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