Japan’s COVID-19 deaths drop 5% amid state of emergency during Games
July 25 (UPI) — Japan is staging the Summer Olympics during a state of emergency and without spectators in the Tokyo metro area with coronavirus cases surging though its situation is nowhere nearly as dire with a much lower fatality rate than many other nations.

On the third day of the Olympics, Japan announced four additional deaths and 5,020 cases. The nation is 37th in the world with 15,141 fatalities and 33rd in infections with 871,449. In the past week, Japan’s deaths have decreased 5% with 89 and cases rose 50% at 27,538, which is 216 per million population compared with Britain at 3,881, Indonesia at 1,045 and the United States at 977.

Japan’s vaccination rate 1%, lowest in G7
UK: 47 percent; Chile: 37 percent; U.S.: 36 percent – of the population vaccinated at least once, as of April 14, against the COVID-19 virus. Japan: 1 percent.

Coronavirus: Japan’s mysteriously low virus death rate
This is particularly striking because Japan has many of the conditions that make it vulnerable to Covid-19, but it never adopted the energetic approach to tackling the virus that some of its neighbours did.

Japan has fully vaccinated just a little more than 8 percent of its people, according to the World Health Organization.
Ahead of Tokyo Olympics, Japan vaccination rate far from the mark. “There are other ways to reduce opportunities for transmission,” Tara Kirk Sell, a public health expert and former Olympian, said.


Image courtesy UPI and BBC

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