Cow and sheep burps may be taxed in a novel plan to cut greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.
The country has a population of five million but about ten million cattle. Under the plan, farmers will have to pay for their gas emissions from 2025. Short-and long-lived farm gas will be priced separately, although a single measure to calculate their volume will be used.

But consumers are likely to be the ones picking up the cost, with warnings the price of meat will rise. A final decision on the scheme is expected in December.

You’ve heard of the carbon footprint. Now there is a development on the carbon hoofprint.
New Zealand has announced a plan to tax livestock burps in an effort to curb the country’s gas emissions. There are seven times more cows and sheep than people in New Zealand. And on Wednesday, the country’s government released a draft plan to have farmers pay for their animals’ emissions, starting in 2025.


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