He’s over the moon! British photographer spends two years getting the perfect shot on 1,000ft hill
The magical picture shows a few walkers standing on the top of the 1000 ft Teesside hill as the moon lights up their silhouettes.

Astrophotographer Andrew Dawson, 44, snapped this stunning picture which shows a full moon rising over the Roseberry Topping, in North Yorkshire. He captured around 100 images as he spent an hour and half watching the moon as dusk started to settle.

Andrew, from Nunthorpe, in North Yorkshire set himself up on the Guisborough bypass in the evening the capture this perfect image he has been ‘chasing for a long time.’
‘When I got the image, I knew it was the one. I just thought to myself I have got a special image here and came home.

‘As I was watching it rise, a few walkers made the scene even more magical as they stood on the top of our very own mountain, the moon lighting up their silhouettes.
‘This is what made the image.
‘As I watched the scene play out in front of me I’d like to thank whoever they are for helping me create an awesome image’.


Photo courtesy Andrew Dawson / SWNS.com

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