An Australian sailor who survived two months in the Pacific Ocean by eating raw fish and drinking rainwater is “stable and very well”, a doctor says. Sydney resident Tim Shaddock, 51, and his dog Bella left Mexico for French Polynesia in April, but their boat was damaged by a storm several weeks later.

Mr Shaddock embarked on his more than 6,000km-long (3,728-mile) voyage from Mexico’s city of La Paz – but soon became stranded after his vessel’s electronics were cut off by bad weather. It left the sailor and his dog drifting in the vast and hostile North Pacific ocean, surviving on what he could catch.

He had set off from La Paz, Mexico to French Polynesia, but says a storm knocked out all of the electronics on his catamaran a few weeks into their voyage back in May, preventing him from communicating for help. Accompanied by his dog, Bella, the two were saved last week by a tuna boat about 1,300 miles off of the western coast of Mexico after being spotted by a helicopter working with the ship.

Shaddock met Bella on the streets of Mexico before they took off on their trip. The dog kept following him, so he took her with him. He said Bella is remarkable for enduring the hardships they both overcame.


Image courtesy Today.com

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