Former Army Major thought to be Britain’s oldest female WWII veteran ‘who always had a naughty twinkle in her eye’ dies aged 108 Gladys Robson, known as Anne, served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service
Women’s Royal Army Corps veteran moved into Edinburgh care home aged 105
She died there earlier this week and her niece said she was ‘sprightly’ till the end
Veteran lived through two world wars, 20 prime ministers and four monarchs

Gladys Anne Logan Robson – known as Anne- passed away at a care home in Scotland earlier this week. Mrs Robson, who was also the oldest surviving member of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) and the Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC), was born in September 1911.

She lived through 20 prime ministers, four monarchs, the first space launch and the advent of new technology, not to mention two world wars. She is said to have had fond memories of VE Day – and always had a ‘naughty twinkle in her eye’ remembering the victory celebrations.

Reader comments:
Forever in their debt. RIP great lady.
Thank you for giving your all when you served. Rest In Peace beautiful lady
Respect to a lady whom did her bit – It is so sad to see that generation go .
Oh What a shame, bless her. All of those memories gone forever Why do we only hear about these heroes once they died? Why not celebrate their service to the country when still with us so we can let them know how special they are? RIP


Photo courtesy WRAC Association

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