The sun put on a happy face during a week full of solar flares and ejections.
Our local star seems to be taking the “sun is smiling down on us” phrase literally. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory snapped a portrait of the sun last week that makes it look like it has two dark eyes, a swirling round nose and a big happy grin.

“Say cheese!” NASA tweeted along with the eye-catching image.

Open The Door
Poet: Unknown

Open the door, let in the air;
The winds are sweet and the flowers are fair.
Joy is abroad in the world to-day:
If our door is wide it may come this way
Open the door!

Open the door, let in the sun;
He hath a smile for every one;
He hath made of the raindrops gold and gems,
He may change our tears to diadems
Open the door!”


Image courtesy NASA/GSFC/SDO

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