Between day and night we all are
time travelers. Who isn’t?

Spirit Speed: Selected LuCxeed Poems, Collection .iii.
Nature’s serenity and Society’s anxiety are the muse of poet LuCxeed who more than often travels back and forth, between nature and society, dedicating life and passion to creativity and poetry. Some LuCxeed poems are inspired by true events in modern life, by true stories, and some with biting humour.
“Between day and night we all are time travelers. Who isn’t?”

From poem “From Edge of Moonlight”:
The moonlight descending
dims over the wilderland
Green eyes of wolves, greedy, blink
I hear the fear of trembling grass

From poem “Road Untraveled”:
I’m in the middle
Of nowhere, of somewhere,
Led by a road untraveled.
Lost the trace of return.
No sign of threading through.
A road untraveled
Traps me in nowhere.
I make two turns, finding no clue;
I make a third turn to think it through.
cannot think, nor rest.”

Poetry, song lyrics, photos & philosophy
– Poet’s philosophy for Simplicity, for Harmony –
all make each page exquisite art.
Tune in to spiritual serenity, to connect or reconnect –
each poem is a song, hummed in the poet’s soul.

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