Multi-million-pound yacht squeezes under bridge with less than half a foot to spare as it is transported to the sea in Holland
A gigantic superyacht has been captured barely squeezing under a low bridge as it headed to a port in the north of Holland for sea trials. The ‘Galactica’, a whopping 265ft long superyacht built by Heesen, was launched from the southwestern city of Oss in the Netherlands at the start of January to make its way to the northern port city of Harlingen for final outfitting and tests on the open seas. Pictures have emerged of Galactica manoeuvring right up to the bridge, before barely scraping underneath with less than six inches to spare.

The Galactica contains accommodation for up to 12 guests split across six cabins, including a main deck master suite, bridge-deck VIP and four lower deck cabins. The crew quarters will also sleep a staff of 19 people. The biggest Heesen yacht currently in operation, the ‘Galactica Super Nova’ is a comparatively small 229ft long.

Seeing This 262-Foot Superyacht Squeeze Under a Bridge Will Bring Sweat to Your Brow
The almost five-day excursion also drew a bit of a crowd. Onlookers watched as the superyacht was pulled and pushed by expert tugboats through narrow waterways and under at least six bridges.At one point the expedition had to be paused. According to CNN, water levels were too high for the enormous boat to pass under a bridge along the River Maas at first. Eventually, water levels dropped, allowing the yacht to make it. Barely.

Watch this superyacht narrowly squeeze under bridge en route to sea


Image courtesy Dick Holthuis / Hessen / SWNS and EdgePage

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