Meta Trained an AI on 48M Science Papers. It Was Shut Down After 2 Days
Galactica was supposed to help “organize science.” Instead, it spewed misinformation.

In the first year of the pandemic, science happened at light speed. More than 100,000 papers were published on COVID in those first 12 months — an unprecedented human effort read more


A Chess Robot Broke a Kid’s Finger
And the child is being blamed for violating safety policies.

Chess isn’t typically a contact sport. At the Moscow Open earlier this month, however, a robot broke a seven-year-old player’s finger because he moved too suddenly for the robot’s liking.

The Guardian reports that a video of the July 19 incident, which the newspaper read more

The Ripsaw M5 Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV)


Meet America’s newest military giant: Amazon

The fatal flaw that could make AI weapons useless
AI-guided missiles could be blinded by adversarial data, and perhaps even steered back toward friendly targets.

Robots cannot replace the problem-solving, decision-making abilities of human cognition in “direct fire”


Image courtesy Pablo Delcan / Technology Review and Textron Systems