Edinburgh brothers look to make history with Pacific Ocean row
A trio of brothers from Edinburgh are set to take on their biggest challenge yet by attempting to become the first team to row the entire Pacific Ocean non-stop and unsupported.

The MacLean brothers are hoping to raise £1million as well as breaking two world records when they set off early next year. They will first look to break the record for the fastest human-powered crossing of the full Pacific Ocean when they set off on a 14,000KM journey from Lima in Peru to Sydney in Australia and it is expected to take them around four months to complete.

The brothers, named Ewan, Jamie and Lachlan, are looking to do it in a boat they helped build themselves as part of the challenge – which has been named Rare Whisky 101 Pacific Row. The siblings are also musical and will each take an instrument on board, and have already broken world records in the past. They smashed three of them in January 2020 when they became the first three brothers to row any ocean, and the youngest and faster trio to row the Atlantic Ocean as they did it in just 35 days.

They expect to face the same challenges they did during that challenge when they take on the pacific with storms, sickness, sleep deprivation and exhaustion among them. But the main aim of their journey is to raise funds for the charity set up by them and their father Charlie, who is one of the world’s leading whisky experts.

The charity provides clean water to developing countries and was devised during their Atlantic challenge. It has already helped build four clean water bore holes in Madagascar helping 800 people in a rural part of the country. They’ve set a target for £1million which they believe could allow them to help tens of thousands of people.

The boys will take the rowing in shifts, going for two hours on and one hour off. They had to go without music for entertainment for more than 20 days during their Atlantic ocean challenge after salt water destroyed their phone charger but they’ve got back up in place this time, including bagpipes.

Ewan, Jamie, and Lachlan Maclean are planning to row 9,000 miles from Peru to Australia (14,400-km) in a boat they designed and built to go faster than any before.
The brothers made several trips to Amsterdam to help fellow ocean rower Mark Slatts build the boat—which they described as the “lightest and strongest ocean rowing boat ever made”.

At just 617 lbs., it’s only slightly heavier than the three brothers themselves (280 kg) and it is only a quarter of the weight of their last boat, thanks to the ultra-light carbon fibre technology most commonly seen in Formula One cars. “It’s a true first of its kind”, said 32-year-old Ewan, who works as a design engineer for Dyson. “Being involved in that process—from design through to construction, sanding and painting—was an incredible experience.

For entertainment on the boat, the three musicians will each bring an instrument along for the trip. Ewan plays the guitar, Jamie plays the bagpipes, and Lachlan plays the accordion. “For the Atlantic (voyage), I took a set of bagpipes so that I could play them out in the ocean—but also so I could pipe us into the finish line in Antigua,” Jamie told SWNS news. “I’ll be doing the same for the Pacific, because it’s a longer crossing and there will be more time to pass.


Image courtesy MacLean Brothers and SWNS

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