A city fisherman has hauled in a record-breaking beast of the deep – a whopping 7ft halibut. The largest ever of its species to be caught by a Brit, the 90-year-old creature was caught by Paul Stevens off the coast of Norway.

He managed to catch a halibut thought to be between 70 and 90 years old measuring almost 7.5ft long weighing 400lbs – 28.5 stone. The mega catch dragged the boat and its occupants for half a mile before it was finally caught for good.

“It was a very personal thing for me, I don’t like bragging.” “You have to keep them in the water and ensure that they’re fully revived before you let them go,” he added.

Too heavy to haul on to the vessel, Paul put on a dry suit and jumped in to the chilly water to pose with his catch. He then let the beast swim free. Paul said that it took him three days to recover from the catch, with his shoulder aching from the strain.

A British angler caught a whopping seven foot and 28-and-a-half stone halibut, earning him a place in the record books in the process. A halibut which grows to this size is expected to be between the age of 70 and 90.

The halibut is believed to be the biggest ever caught by a British angler, although it was still more than 100lbs shy of the world record catch which stands at an astonishing 513lbs. The biggest halibut ever caught was reeled in by German angler Marco Liebenow in 2013, weighing a staggering 513lbs or 37 stones.

Atlantic halibut are found between Greenland and the Barents Sea and as far south as the Bay of Biscay. On average, they reach up to 15ft in length and weigh up to 700lbs.


Image courtesy Sportquest Holidays

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