They went surfing during the polar vortex and the photos are surreal… Temperatures below zero can’t come between these guys and catching some waves!

MARQUETTE, Mich. — Some of the best waves on Lake Superior happen in the winter. So naturally, a little polar vortex couldn’t stop Daniel Schetter and Allen Finau from grabbing their tridents and catching some waves.

“Most of the time, the best waves come when it’s really cold and it can mean you wait for months,” the photographer, Devon Hains explained. “Everytime [Schetter] sees waves, he gets all hyped up.”

Immediately, the pictures went viral and as of Feb. 7 had been shared more than 40,000 times on Facebook. MLive reported the pair were surfing in minus-30 windchill and temperatures below zero.

Hains and Schetter, who is also known around Marquette as “Surfer Dan,” met at a pipeline protest. Both said protecting the environment is important to them and Hains plans to pursue a career in wildlife research and photography.


Image courtesy Devon Hains Photography / WTOL

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