exposed, unaltered bedrock of Rådhuset Station on Stockholm’s blue line
award-winning design of Naples subway station Toledo


See why the world’s best subway lines are destinations unto themselves
These subterranean train rides are packed with striking architecture, historic sites, and surprising views.

Blue Line, Stockholm
Larger-than-life sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, art installations and engravings adorn 90 of the 100 stations of Stockholm’s Tunnelbana (T-bana) subway system, leading to its nickname: “the world’s longest art gallery.” The Blue Line has some of the finest work; among the more dramatic stops are T-Centralen, Rådhuset, and Kungsträdgården stations.

Line 1, Naples
Nicknamed “Il Metrò dell’Arte” for its permanent and temporary displays, this underground line in the Italian coastal city feature vibrant art and stunning architecture in 11 of its stations. The mesmerizing star-spangled ceiling of Toledo Station is the most renowned, but the flamboyant pop art of Università and the classical sculptures of Museo are just as brilliant.

Line 3, Athens
Built for the 2000 Summer Olympics, the “blue” line of the Athens Attiko Metro features several stations with permanent archaeological exhibits, stocked with some of the 50,000 artifacts found during the metro’s construction. Among the treasures are an ancient cemetery and baths at Syntagma, everyday objects from ancient Greece at Aigaleo, and the remains of a 5th-century B.C. bridge at Elaionas.


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