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Full-body scanner cannot replace diplomacy but imposes indecency on billions. Law says indecent exposure is crime, doesn't it?

By WcP.Common.Sense - Posted on 10 January 2010

nude scanners: full body scanners that President Obama last night authorized to be rolled out in airports across the country at a cost of over $1 billion dollars not only produce detailed pictures of your genitals, but once inverted some of those images also display your naked body in full living color

(quote) Friday, January 8, 2010 - The full body scanners that President Obama last night authorized to be rolled out in airports across the country at a cost of over $1 billion dollars not only produce detailed pictures of your genitals, but once inverted some of those images also display your naked body in full living color. Airport screeners will have access to huge high definition images that, once inverted, will allow them to see every minute detail of your body. TV viewers have been misled by blurring of faces and genitals of people in the images. When it comes to the real thing, your sexual organs and those of your children will be on full display to officials sat alone in back rooms, and with a simple inversion trick, your daughter’s naked body in full living high definition color will be there to be enjoyed by screeners.
As we reported yesterday, claims that the body scanners did not provide details of genitals were disproven after a London Guardian journalist who was present at a trial for the machines earlier this week reported that the devices produce an image which make “genitals eerily visible.” German Security advisor Hans-Detlef Dau, a representative for a company that sells the scanners, admits that the machines, “show intimate piercings, catheters and the form of breasts and penises”. It is important to stress that this is a low resolution image. Airport screeners will have access to huge high definition images that, once inverted, will allow them to see every minute detail of your body.

And you don’t need to be a graphics wizard using a $600 software suite like Photoshop to pull off the trick – inverting a photo is a simple process that takes one click and is an option available even in the most basic image editing software. We were sent examples of the process by readers and then tested it for ourselves to confirm that simply inverting some of the pictures produced by the body scanners creates a near-perfect replica of a naked body in full color. It is important to stress that this is a low resolution image. Airport screeners will have access to huge high definition images that, once inverted, will allow them to see every minute detail of your body.

The inversion trick doesn’t work for all the sample images produced by body scanners, but with or without its application, every image will still show details of your sexual organs. Even without being inverted, the images already break child porn laws in the UK.
Reassurances that airport screeners won’t be able to save the images will provide little comfort to parents who know that the crystal clear image of their naked son or daughter being ogled by a TSA thug can merely be snapped with a handheld camera for their enjoyment later. Apologists for the scanners have routinely described the images they produce as “ghostly” or “skeletal” in an effort to downplay the intrusion of privacy they really represent.

As we reported yesterday, claims that the body scanners did not provide details of genitals were DISPROVEN after a London Guardian journalist who was present at a trial for the machines earlier this week reported that the devices produce an image which make “genitals eerily visible.” Indeed, as was admitted when the scanners were first being rolled out over a year ago, they don’t function properly if areas of the body are blurred out. A report from October 2008, when the naked body scanners were first being introduced at Melbourne Airport in Australia, detailed how the X-ray backscatter devices don’t work properly unless the genitals of people going through them are visible.

“It will show the private parts of people, but what we’ve decided is that we’re not going to blur those out, because it severely limits the detection capabilities,” said Office of Transport Security manager Cheryl Johnson. “It is possible to see genitals and breasts while they’re going through the machine,” she admitted.

TV news reports have been deliberately misleading viewers by blurring out faces and genitals of people in images produced by the scanners. When it comes to the real thing, your sexual organs and those of your children will be on full display to officials sat alone in back rooms, and with a simple inversion trick, your daughter’s naked body in full living high definition color will be there to be enjoyed by screeners.

Body Scanner Would Not Have Stopped Underwear Bomber

The explosive device smuggled in the clothing of the Detroit bomb suspect would not have been detected by body-scanners set to be introduced in British airports, an expert on the technology warned last night. Officials at the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Home Office have already tested the scanners and were not persuaded that they would work comprehensively against terrorist threats to aviation. The claim severely undermines Gordon Brown’s focus on hi-tech scanners for airline passengers as part of his review into airport security after the attempted attack on Flight 253 on Christmas Day. The Independent on Sunday has also heard authoritative claims that officials at the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Home Office have already tested the scanners and were not persuaded that they would work comprehensively against terrorist threats to aviation. Indecent exposure is a crime that is defined as exposing one's genitals or socially deemed "private parts" (such as behind or breasts) in a public place where others are present and may witness the act. A person who commits indecent exposure does so intentionally with an understanding that his/her conduct will likely alarm and offend others. - Indecent Exposure - Although generally considered a misdemeanor, a conviction of indecent exposure carries a social stigma that may haunt the convicted person for years to come, even a lifetime.Persons convicted of indecent exposure may be required to register as sex offenders in a national database. A conviction for indecent exposure on one's record can also prevent the accused from being able to gain or keep employment. People accused of or convicted for indecent exposure may also suffer unwarranted public disgrace and humiliation, social shunning, and may even become the targets of violence.

Huffington Post: A Northern Virginia man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure after brewing coffee naked in his own home. Eric Williamson, 29, said he did not know he could be seen. There is a school bus stop in front of his house. "Yes, I wasn't wearing any clothes but I was alone, in my own home and just got out of bed. It was dark and I had no idea anyone was outside looking in at me," Williamson told "I'm a loving dad-- any of my friends would tell you that," he said. "There is not a chance on this planet I would ever, ever do anything like that to a kid." Fairfax police say that, according to a witness, Williamson wanted to be seen naked. If convicted, he could be fined $2,000 and spend a year in jail.

Yakima Herald: Yakima city officials have for more than a year wrung their hands about so-called sexpresso stands, latte joints in which women in lingerie, bikinis or other saucy attire attract as much attention as the coffee. Yakima has three while Union Gap has one. "We receive complaints on a regular basis," Martinez said. Meanwhile, former Mayor Dave Edler has often spoken out against them. City Council briefly discussed regulating them as adult businesses but settled for changes in the city's indecent exposure laws that made thong underwear and see-through clothing illegal.

New York Times: Citizens of Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria, countries that are considered “state sponsors of terrorism,” as well as those of “countries of interest” — including Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen — will face the special scrutiny, officials said.

*Update Nov. 21, 2011*
Europe Bans Airport X-Ray Scanners. Should the U.S. Follow Suit?

As millions of American travelers take to the airways this Thanksgiving, they will increasingly face the new generation of full-body scanners at airport security — including the kind that Europe just banned for reasons of "health and safety."

In its new airport security policy, the European Commission announced on Nov. 14 that it would ban the controversial "backscatter" X-ray machines, which emit ionized radiation, from all airports in the European Union's 27 member nations "in order not to risk jeopardizing citizens' health and safety."

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), meanwhile, has rolled out about 250 backscatter X-ray machines across the country. It has also installed some 260 millimeter-wave scanners, which do the same job but use low-energy radio waves instead of X-rays. Millimeter-wave scanners are allowed at European airports.

Both devices display reasonably accurate images of your body, beneath your clothes, helping airport security workers to spot hidden weapons or explosives that wouldn't be caught by metal detectors. The difference is that millimeter waves don't cause cancer, while cumulative, high doses of X-ray exposure are a known carcinogen.

"What makes X-rays different is the fact that they're more energetic," says Dr. David J. Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Medical Center. "They have enough energy to knock an electron out of an atom. Basically, if that atom happened to be in DNA, [X-rays] could break strands of DNA in a way that millimeter waves simply can't because they don't have enough energy." In other words, X-rays have enough energy to cause a DNA mutation that can trigger cancer, while millimeter waves don't.

The TSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) maintain that backscatter X-ray scanners emit such low levels of radiation - equivalent to the radiation you'd get in about two minutes of flying, according to the TSA - that any resulting increase in cancer risk would be negligible. Some scientists say, however, that even if any one individual's risk of developing cancer from scanner radiation exposure remains low, when you consider the risks accrued over time by an entire population - say, the 100 million Americans who fly each year - the machines pose a potential public-health danger.

Brenner further points to the lack of independent and clinical data on backscatter X-ray safety as a reason not to use the devices. "By all accounts both machines are equally effective and the TSA is buying both kinds of machines, which cost about the same and have the same efficiency," says Brenner. "So it seems to me a strange decision to use the backscatter machine, where you don't really know what the risks are; the biggest issue is the uncertainty. And it's going to be 30 years before the cancers start to appear. I'm not sure why you'd want to take that risk."

The current data on radiation exposure from backscatter machines comes largely from the government and from the scanner's manufacturer. As Alice Park noted last year at the time of the devices' public debut, some scientists think the exposure hasn't been measured correctly:

"After studying the degree of detail obtained in the seconds-long scans, the scientists wondered how the [stated] radiation exposure could be so low. The answer, they concluded, lay in how the manufacturer and government officials measured the dose: by averaging the exposure from the beam over the volume of the entire body. This is how scientists measure exposure from medical X-rays, which are designed to zap straight through bone and tissue. But backscatter beams skim the body's surface. Sedat and his colleagues maintain that if the dose were based only on skin exposure, the result would be 10 to 20 times the manufacturer's calculations.

That's a huge difference, but the higher amount, TSA and FDA officials maintain, still falls within the limits of safe radiation exposure. Based on measurements conducted by the FDA as well as by technicians at Johns Hopkins University and elsewhere, says the FDA's Daniel Kassiday, 'We are confident that full-body-X-ray security products and practices do not pose a significant risk to the public health.'"

In testimony before the Senate earlier this month, TSA administrator John Pistole agreed to a request by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) for an independent analysis of the radiation emitted from the devices. Then, later, he said he had received a draft report on the scanners by the inspector general of DHS that might obviate the need for a new study.

"What I asked for - and what the administrator committed to - was an independent study on the health effects of AIT (advanced imaging technology) machines, not just a study on whether TSA is doing an adequate job of inspecting, maintaining and operating AIT machines, which I understand is the approach" of the inspector general's report, said Collins in a statement.


Can we safely say that no technological device can keep terrorists from boarding airplanes with explosive materials? Employing diplomacy to bring peace back probably makes more sense. Really.

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Now there is cutting-edge logic, reason, and intelligence.

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I've recently graduated law school and I am working to an">investment arbitration lawyers company.I've read a lot about this full body scanning that is supposed to be made on airports and I consider it to be a privacy violation.It is not necessary to watch people in nude in order to see if they are hiding something.

This development must be stopped right now. This not meant to scan prohibited objects but rather scan what's inside the clothes. And this will violate human rights too.
Peter T. Bland
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I can't believe that these things have now been in action for almost a year. I am a huge fan of technology. In fact I am a software developer and write programs for a living. However, we should always be weary of any time technology crosses a line. Its really just common sense when it comes down to it.

Sweet god, you people are stupid! Referring to the first comment, when touting yourself as intelligent, avoid blatant misspellings! While I agree with most of your points, please be silent and let other, actually intelligent people do the talking.">logistics resumes

What has the law abiding American done to deserve this? Those low frequency radio waves cause skin cancer and they can also make you sterile - is that not considered that as an assault with a lethal weapon - something that can harm your physiology? Has the FDA certified that these body scanners don't impact you physiologically?

Pat downs are so aggressive - touching genitals - sexual molestation?

Is this America where our civil rights are getting violated? We're saying that this is the only way that modern technology has come up with to stop the threat on planes, you've got to be kidding me. Is this the best we can do in America - the most technologically advanced nation in the world? If this is the best, well the best is not good enough.

So, if a terrorist attempts to smuggle a bomb in his anus, does that mean we will all be subjected to body cavity searches before entering an airliner?

well wouldnt you hope so ? oh and i know your going to say thats wrong but if he's got it stuck up his butt n the scanner see's it dont you hope they do all they can to get him b4 ur 20,000 feet up ? and not everybody would have a cavity search but if the machine is clear then thats what they should do ! ... just saying

Those scanners don't see inside the body. They won't help find those with explosives in their asses. Everybody will have to bend over to find those.

the existing machines can be simply reconfigured to see inside the body.

As my contribution, I wish to share brief (positive) report on situation on Heathrow, London (End of October 2010)

I don't like to agree about this full body scanner because that means we don't have privacy anymore, right?">improve health

Isn't there something citizens can do to stop this?? It's so invasive to personal privacy.

Yeah there is something you can do. Don't fly. Flying is not a right you know. If you can't handle it then take a train.

r u a tard?

TSA has jurisdiction on any form of commercial transportation this includes Trains Boats/Cruise ships etc... Its a matter of time before an attack prompt the placement of these scanners everywhere including courthouses/government buildings. Pretty soon you will see Home Depot using these and it would be accepted.


You guys are all sad losers, no one wants to see your fat asses... it is for everyone's safety, stop whining

u r a tard:)

Let me tell you something. I am so sick and tired of people like you trying to centralize this to the issue of "Oh, no body wants to see so and so's ugly fat a$$ naked..blah blah blah."

Dude, the point is that this is a complete invasion of privacy. If it's so much about safety, we should have X-Ray scanners and surveilance cameras at every home and office in America. These silly scanners are nothing more than a way to be lazy on security, and at the same time, giving the company who lobbied to get these passed a truck load of money. Indecent exposure is against the law. It's unlawful to be a peeping tom. It's unlawful to look at a naked child that is not your own, and it's overall just plain wrong. Are people so terrified, that we really need to do this? Look, I'm all for national security, but when your time is up, your time is up. We don't live in a perfect world, but it would be nice to live in a more sensible one. Anyone that defends this new TSA policy is an imbecile period.
And by the way smart guy, did you know they keep the digital image after your scanned, and they don't delete it...ever at this time? Ofcourse you didn't, because you don't fully research before typing random bull on the net.
I've said my piece...that is all.

These new full body scanners are just new technology toys for the perverted TSA agents, whom used to try and feel up people as they pat them down. I think it does nothing to stop terrorism.

Johnny, you are not completely correct. If every single Islamic/Muslim man, woman and child goes through one of these scanners, THEN, it does something to stop terrorism.

I didn't realize Timothy McVeigh was Islamic OR Muslim. Terrorists come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

I agree. Since when are all terrorists Muslim ?

Terrorism has been around since the beginning of time. If you think terrorists come from only one religion then you must be living in the frigging stone age.

Americans terrorize their own people all the time.... how many people have set off bombs on US soil ? Hundreds ? Were they all Muslims ?! Hell no they were home bread proud god-fearing americans !

Wake the hell up ! Americans pray to an invisible god all the time ! Americans still think that some invisible being created the universe ! I'm surprised that more americans aren't arguing the fact that the planet isn't flat !

George Washington stated that any nation that gives up liberty for security deserves neither. Maybe you guys should think about that.

If I was a Muslim terrorist watching what americans are doing I would be laughing my f***ing ass off at your self imposed humiliation.

I can't wait for the first case of prosecution when a TSA agent sitting in the back room wacking off to some young girl's image comes to the news. Why not just take your cell phone and snap a photo of the cutest girl going through the scanner so you can whack off to it later ?

Terrorism only works if you let yourself be terrorized.

Who is watching the watchers ?

One minor correction: It was Benjamin Franklin (not George Washington) who said "Those who would give up an essential liberty, for a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Actually, someone's already been caught masterbating to a bunch of high school girls going through the scanner.

Terrorists have attacked in Spain, Holland(stabbing), Egypt, Somaila and Britain. I've probably left some out. They have also tried in Germany and many other places. You are foolish if you believe it is all because of the USA. Maybe if you and others, that share your opininon get off your high and mighty horse, you will see these people are insane and will not stop until they control everyone and everything, or are dead. Keep looking into the mirror telling yourself that all the worlds problems are because of the USA, and I would appreciate that you remember that next time you need someone to bail your butt out. WWI, WWII, and the Bosina-Serb deal, I am sick and tired of people like you complaining after our soldiers have died protecting you, ironically so you can have the right to complain. However, it would be nice to here a thank you very much, just before you push us in front of the bus.

You act like you're so brilliant and are making a huge assumption that all Americans are stupid. That in itself makes you sound unintelligent as well as your many grammar mistakes.

I refuse to allow three-dimensional electromagnetic images of me to be used for the sexual gratification of airport security staff. If these filthy perverts want to sit around all day, leering at images of fat holidaymakers , then they can do it at home, on their own time, like the rest of us.

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Please join my Facebook Group: Wear Your Bathing Suit Through Security The Next Time You Fly

I hope to fly out of Chicago in the next month and will go through with my plan to wear a bathing suit through security now that they are putting these scanners into place there. It will be obvious that I am not hiding anything and I will refuse both the body scanner and the pat-down.

Please share this with everyone you know and if someone else goes through with this first, please have them post pictures or video or write a post about their experience on my facebook group home page.


So many retarded comments. Who cares what the inverted image looks like, its not going to BE inverted...

Also that image isnt straight inverted. It has effectively been photoshopped to scare retards. blah blah privacy blah blah perverts looking at it. Grow up? It DOES help stop dangers and the only people who should have any concers are people trying to smuggle things onto planes.

People dont cry pervert when they get frisked which is much more invasive. Safety is much more important than any down sides of this thing.

What kind of idiot spouts off about an image not being straight inverted without loading said image into an image processing program and trying a straight inversion on it?

Oh, right. This kind of idiot.

The KGB was sold to the Russian people as necessary for their safety. I think it is you who needs to "grow up."

You need to grow up. This has nothing to do with the KGB. If you don't like it then don't fly. Controls like this are for public safety only. What do you think the government is going to do with your body scan?

It's not the government that's going to do something it's what are the perverted TSA watchers going to do with the images ?

It's only a matter of time before images start showing up on the net ...then we'll see how many people defend this absurdity.

Funny how terrorism is only a problem in the USA and Britain (because of its alliance with the USA). Maybe if the USA changed its world domineering foreign policy attitude people wouldn't want to blow the shit out of you.

Did you ever think about that ? How many people are trying to blow up Canadians, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Germans, Chinese, Australians, Dutch, etc ? NONE ZERO NADA

wake up americans you get what you ask for. Stop treating the rest of the world like your god-given playground and you won't have to defend yourselves.

Or maybe you just aren't praying hard enough to your invisible god because he/she sure isn't protecting you, is he/she ? hahahaha

I would be interested to know where you live. You say that we treat the world like our god-given playground. I am not sure who you are talking about. America is a big place with many diverse cultures and many differing political viewpoints. Most Americans do not go out of the country much if at all because it is pretty damn expensive and since America is such a big place it will take a while before you see it all. If you are commenting on our American Government or CIA or whatever you are talking about...most Americans don't have Top Secret Clearance. We do not know what covert actions our government is taking. Let me tell you...Canadians, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Germans, Chinese, Australians, Dutch...all countries that have mentioned in your post had imperial aspirations and practices at one time or another or are countries that were part of an empire and if they had the means to grow in land and influence they would. It is interesting that you mention Germany in your list of NON-Offenders...Are you from Europe? Even if you are not then you should still remember that Germany took over most of Europe and tried to take over the whole world. If it wasn't for the USA and Great Britain they would have. You are either a Shark or Shark Food and I don't want to be shark food so I won't apologize for the USA.

And finally, you act like terrorists killing numerous people is something that Americans deserve. NOBODY DESERVES THAT!!!!!!!!! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Are you CRAZY? Are you a Sadist? wishing death and destruction on people because of something their government did is not cool. I for one respect other cultures and think that I am a better person for getting to know people from other lands and their beliefs and culture.

And invisible god...How the hell did we get here...I don't know and I am pretty sure that you don't know either...I mean how did the Universe start..Big Bang?...who put that condensed matter that blew up and formed the universe together...aliens? Who Created them...There are some questions that can only be solved by religion. If you don't believe then that is fine but don't put me down because I do.

This is what I have been searching in many websites and I finally found it here. Amazing article. I am so impressed. Could never think of such a thing is possible with it...I think you have a great knowledge especially while dealings with such subjects.">Alli Reviews

SKZ is an idiot. The specs for the hardware indicate these machines are intended to store & forward the high-resolution images. Interpolation between pixels can improve the image, but not needed any more than most digital pictures. Will you wait for the images of your under-age daughter to show up online, before you get upset?

If you are into radiology at all, you know 1) these images are far better than they're making them out to be and 2) these people are being subjected to extra radiation. Yes, the radiation sounds low, but adding ionizing radiation is not a positive for health. Your flight will expose you to enough radiation as it is... no need to add to it for virtually no benefit.

I every time spent my half an hour to read this website's content everyday along with a cup of coffee.

Please let me know if you're looking for a writer for your site.

You have some really great articles and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I'd absolutely love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please blast me an email if interested. Thank you!

You are a scrub. The reason why people are KNOWN to be perverts in this job fields, and would easily take an opportunity to feel someone up, or leer at a naked body, for the only sake of looking at a naked body, is because these people will go THEIR ENTIRE careers without encountering a terrorist! There are going to be NO life-threatening situations! 9/11 was a RARITY. 3000 lives lost is minuscule! You will NEVER be on a hijacked plane! The odds are REALLY against you! It is not the inverting of images that are scare tactics, it is the false sense of security, and saying there will be terrorists that are scare tactics.

Does your cell phone have a camera on it? I'm sure the TSA agents does as well. Mine is a 4MP, plenty large enough to capture a good image. And, you ARE correct.... that image isn't a straight inversion, it is a B&W negative image, just like regular old Kodak T-max 400. But, with the click of 2 buttons and a slide of a few adjustment bars in photoshop, It would be a positive image. Does it make it less intrusive that your 14 year old daughter's naked body is only visible in B&W?
Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.... Benjamin Franklin.

Exactly im only 15 and i would never want a full body scan of me. Isnt that breaking child porn laws? I hope at LEAST minors can opt out of these perverted scans.

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